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Leadership Team

Kevin White


Student, Class of 2023

Christopher White

Vice President of Business Developement

Student, Class of 2023

Pratham Patel

Vice President of Public Relations

Student, Class of 2023

Thomas Eble

Vice President of Outreach

Student, Class of 2023

Rick Conner

Vice President of Mechanical Operations

Student, Class of 2024

Evan Comiciotto

Vice President of Software

Student, Class of 2024

Jack Barna

Vice President of Hardware

Student, Class of 2023

James Soley

Vice President of Technical Strategy

Student, Class of 2023

Success Through Stewardship

The Leadership Team at Explorer Robotics consists of high school students at La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor, Pennslyvania, who have chosen to balance rigorous academic responsibilities in conjunction with their leadership duties. Every student on the Leadership Team consistently demonstrates outstanding commitment to the mission of Explorer Robotics and the expansion of STEM education across the world.

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