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Why support robotics?

The recent growth of science and technology career pathways has initiated a demand for students to be educated in STEM fields. Through the help of our sponsors, we can ensure that any student interested in STEM has access to the materials, mentors, and information they need to have success in school and in their career. 

In order to promote STEM to young adults, we need to provide them with resources to learn from and engage with. Our sponsors play a critical role in the sustainability of science and technology within schools, especially those that cannot afford to support robotics programs. 

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We create opportunities for students

To create a generation of thinkers, leaders, and innovators, we provide opportunities for students to: 

  • Work alongside professional engineers and business leaders 

  • Learn to use industry-standard hardware and software 

  • Develop skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, fundraising, and formal writing 

  • Build and compete with robots they design themselves 

  • Access millions of dollars in exclusive FIRST® college scholarships 

An investment for the future

Sponsorships support more than just the members of our program. We view it as our responsibility not only to inspire students but to enrich the community around us with an appreciation for and an understanding of STEM. Annually, our team members spend hundreds of hours mentoring young students and demonstrating our robots for local companies, schools, and festivals. Your business can be part of this revolution in education and help FIRST® achieve its vision of a world in which young people are prepared to confront new challenges with science and technology.   

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