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The new school year starts with a new workspace, a new logo, and several new teams for the growing Explorer Robotics program. The changes reflect a unique combination of innovation and benevolence that has spurred the program's international growth over the past decade.

The Workspace

Over the summer, the Explorer Robotics workspace at La Salle College High School underwent a thorough makeover. A new floor, a new coat of paint, and a specialty logo for FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 5181 epoxied on the floor were all hallmarks of the renovation.

A view of the newly renovated Explorer Robotics Workshop

Workspace Features

  • New glass windows that give a unique view of the rooms from the surrounding hallways

  • New glass doors that connect the Shop with the adjacent Lab, creating easier access between the two rooms

  • Multicolor 5181 logo that commemorates the FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) team at La Salle on the concrete floor

  • CNC Machine capable of high-precision cutting and engraving on both aluminum and wood

  • 2 MakerBot 3D-Printers

  • Mobile TV displays with Apple TV for wireless connection

  • New furniture design for flexible classroom and student meeting environments

The renovated Robotics Lab features new furniture, lighting, equipment, and paint.

Student and Community Usage

This year students will have several opportunities to interact with this cutting-edge facility.

  • Explorer Robotics teams (FRC for upperclassmen and FTC for freshmen)

  • Classes offered in the Innovation and Design Department at La Salle College High School

The space will also be used for events such as FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) Workshops and visits from community teams to inspire creative thinking and innovation in young leaders to encourage them in creating their own space for personal and academic growth.

The Logo

As part of the brand redesign, a new logomark was designed to connect the robotics program with its Lasallian heritage and mission.

The "rotating hooks" logo symbolizes the five Lasallian Core Values

The star formed by five rotating hooks is symbolic of the five Lasallian Core Values: faith in the presence of God, concern for the poor and social justice, respect for all persons, quality education, and inclusive community. These values are promoted by Explorer Robotics through each subsidiary robotics team created around the globe. From Nicaragua to Kenya to Brazil to the United States, Explorer Robotics programs are dedicated to more than building robots.

The Teams

Along with a new robotics workspace and a refreshed brand, Explorer Robotics welcomes three new FIRST® LEGO® League teams into the program. Sacred Heart Academy, Devon Preparatory School, and an all-girls neighborhood group will join over 20 existing teams from around the globe who have chosen us as their partner in STEM education.

As Explorers, we believe the program should be committed to evolving STEM and FIRST® Robotics to more young adults across the world. That's why we provide extensive financial support to schools and communities that cannot afford to run STEM activities on their own.

Learn more about how we impact communities.

The Mission

Despite the exciting changes occurring this year, Explorer Robotics remains devoted to the same goal of expanding access to technology in our world.

To provide quality, comprehensive STEM education to children and young adults of all backgrounds in hopes of inspiring the next generation of leaders and innovators in our community and the world. -Explorer Robotics Mission Statement

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