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The first week of the FRC (FIRST® Robotics Competition) build season began on Saturday, as upperclassmen from La Salle College High School gathered in the robotics workshop to strategize, prototype, and begin the long process of building a competition robot. This year, FRC robots will compete in Rapid React℠, an in-person game in which robots move and shoot cargo, climb multi-level suspended bars, and score points in order to advance to championship competitions!

Watch the game video here:

Students on FRC Team 5181 began Saturday's meeting by evaluating the most efficient and strategic scoring opportunities in the 2022 competition. After many hours of discussion, the team decided to prioritize shooting cargo into the high goal (as seen in the video above) and reaching the second out of four suspended bars. Having discussed general strategy, the team will now begin to test various robot functions that will be needed for this year's competition, such as an intake device, a shooter, and a climbing mechanism. Each of these components will be assembled, tested, and programmed over the upcoming months preceding the first FRC competition in March.

La Salle Robotics thanks all of our generous sponsors who make the FRC experience invaluable, especially Aegis Software and La Salle College High School.


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