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During the first week of August, Explorer Robotics hosted its annual 5-day Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Camp at La Salle College High School. The theme of this year's festivities focused on "Environmental Sustainability; Using Science to Live Greener." Students were encouraged to use practical science to understand and apply the engineering challenges associated with energy consumption, recycling, and stewardship of the planet. As the future innovators and leaders of the next generation, it is becoming more important for these students to learn to make choices that have a positive impact on society. From learning how to race robots using code, searching for the warmest point on La Salle's sprawling campus, and understanding why recycling is important to the ecosystem, camp participants did it all!

Thanks to all of the students who attended this awesome event and to the volunteers for their unwavering support.

Photos by: Harrison Karsch

Blog post by: Chris White, Kevin White, and Harrison Karsch


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