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In a year unlike any we have experienced, our robotics courses have still managed to thrive. This week, the Introduction to Robotics class, in its first year, finished building machines that will attempt to lift a ten-pound box five inches above a throttle motor. Students worked in pairs and had the freedom to design their own mechanism using any available equipment and resources in the shop. After prototyping designs and eventually testing them, teams competed in the final testing stage to determine which project could lift the most weight.

The Introduction to Robotics class was created in 2020 to teach upperclassmen students with little or no robotics experience the fundamentals of engineering and FRC robotics. The class was offered for the first time in this 2020-21 academic year and will continue to be available for years to come. La Salle Robotics is proud to celebrate the first-year success of our third robotics class implemented at La Salle College High School.

The FRC Team 5181 Chairman's Team noted that, "One of the largest initiatives our program has undertaken has been the installation of three robotics courses for high school students, some of which are not participants in FIRST. These courses have allowed students who are interested in STEM to spend time during the school day to engage in collaborative activities that develop leadership skills. The growth in participants has led to additional sections in each course and has inspired many students to pursue STEM in school and in their careers."

The La Salle Robotics program continues to provide quality robotics education and opportunities to high school students through our innovative curriculum.


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