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Every year, Explorer Robotics students are nominated by their peers and adult supervisors to serve in various leadership roles. Many of the students to be selected this year held previous leadership positions and have greatly contributed to the program's recent growth. From day-to-day operations to long-term planning, it is the responsibility of the Leadership Team to make strategic decisions and ensure the program's success for years to come.

The following students have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the success and continued growth of Explorer Robotics as a vehicle for promoting science and technology education and have been elected onto the 2022-23 Leadership Team:

Kevin White '23 President

Chris White '23 Vice President of Business Development

Thomas Eble '23 Vice President of Outreach

Pratham Patel '23 Vice President of Public Relations

Rick Conner '24 Vice President of Mechanical Operations

Evan Comiciotto '24 Vice President of Software

Jack Barna '23 Vice President of Hardware

James Soley '23 Vice President of Technical Strategy


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