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Tuesday was the first after-school meeting for interested members of the Freshmen Class of 2025 to experience La Salle Robotics. We had over 40 students in attendance in addition to our dedicated leadership team, student mentors, and coaches. With the return of the entire student body to campus, we are excited for what promises to be one of our most successful FTC seasons to date. A shout out to our wonderful sponsors who make this program possible, thank you!

One of the unique aspects of the La Salle Robotics FTC experience is our group of student mentors, who provide a student-to-student approach to learning. Thank you to the student mentors who are volunteering their time this season to give the Freshmen a comprehensive experience:

  • Jack Barna '23 (FRC Systems Lead)

  • Sebastian Barnes '23

  • Evan Comiciotto '24

  • Kevin Derr '24

  • Thomas Eble '23 (Director of FTC)

  • Eyan Guldalian '24

  • Alex Ippoliti '23

  • Fred Mueller '24

  • James Soley '23 (FRC Strategy Lead)

  • Anthony Thoonkuzhy '23

  • Stephen Trezza '24

  • Chris White '23 (President)

  • Kevin White '23 (Director of Business Operations)


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