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The FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics program at La Salle College High School introduced high school freshmen to the fundamentals of engineering and STEM. The FTC program at Explorer Robotics is designed to allow students to work in small groups and progress through the designing, building, and programming phases of assembling a competition-grade robot. By working in teams, students learn to collaborate with their peers in solving complex problems that require critical thinking.

On Monday, October 3rd, the freshmen began researching this year's specific challenge. With the help of upperclassmen mentors, they looked at the game manual and discussed payoffs for different engineering strategies.

The Objective

Explorer Robotics is dedicated to providing students with a fun and engaging robotics experience that aligns with the targeted goals of FIRST® Tech Challenge:

Guided by adult coaches and mentors, students develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles while realizing the value of hard work, innovation, and working as a team. -FIRST®
Students look at the 2022 FTC Game Manual online and discuss key ideas with their partners.

Students Teaching Students

At Explorer Robotics, we believe that students learn best in a collaborative environment with their peers. As a result, our FTC program has 12 committed upperclassmen mentors who are all knowledgeable in FTC gameplay and strategy. These mentors bring a student perspective to the robotics experience that is unrivaled by many competing high school programs.

Two students work together on assembling the chassis of an FTC robot.

FIRST® Tech Challenge Season

Every year, the rules and robot gameplay change to provide students with a unique series of challenges. The 2022-23 FTC game, POWERPLAY℠, is an energy-driven game that tests the limits of performance, efficiency, and endurance to power innovations forward.

A timeline of the FTC season which kicks off in September and ends with the World Championship in April.

Learn more about FIRST® Tech Challenge and this season's competition below.


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